Moonlit Mushrooms - Stencil
Belles And Whistles

Moonlit Mushrooms - Stencil

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Introducing our Moonlit Mushrooms Stencil Set, featuring 4 trendy and adorable mushroom designs, each measuring 7x9 inches. Crafted with top-quality 10 mils mylar for reusability, ideal for chalk paint furniture, scrapbooking, crafts, and more.

Embrace the Cottagecore trend with these charming mushrooms and create a whimsical, moonlit ambiance in your projects. Amplify the magic with a dimensional effect using Dixie belle mud. Dive into the mushroom craze with our Moonlit Mushrooms Stencils and elevate your creativity to a whole new level. Perfect for those enchanted by the Cottagecore aesthetic!

4 Designs - 7 x 9 in. each

10 mil Mylar