About Me




Hello and welcome to your very own One Stop Vintage Shop! Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a little about the store and the people behind it. Let’s dive in…

My name is Karen, and this wonderful little store is my absolute pride and joy – well, after my family, of course, but the store is a very close second. I’ve been running One Stop Vintage Shop for a number of years now and I cannot put to words how lucky I feel to be able to wake up every day looking forward to doing a job I feel so passionate about.

 I haven’t always been in the vintage industry though. I used to work as a phlebotomist/medical assistant once upon a time. Two completely different worlds, I know. I’ve always had a love for antique and vintage items (especially painting furniture), but I never dreamed of turning it into a career until…

 I stopped working when my husband and I were expecting our first baby and I felt like I needed something more to do. That something more came unexpectedly as a comment from a friend, telling me how “easy” it was to paint furniture. “Why not?” I thought. Turns out it isn’t as easy as it looks, but I loved it and the rest is history.

 Nowadays, I feel so empowered being able to run my own business with the help of my amazing husband who is the muscle behind the operation. Heavy lifting is not my forte, so his biceps are put to good use. He also helps source truly amazing pieces for restoration. I’m so pleased to be able to provide fellow creative minds, artists, painters, DIY aficionados and furniture lovers the means to save beautiful furniture from landfills and give them a second life.

 I live to create, to inspire and to help my customers feel a sense of gratification and triumph from purchasing or upcycling their own vintage furniture.

 Nothing makes me happier than to be your One Stop Vintage Shop. I sincerely hope you get as much joy out of this store as I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way!